Google Chrome is not bulletproof: vulnerabilities reported by users

Google Chrome attracts users from around the world like a new shiny toy, but security experts recommend waiting till security issues are fixed. Vulnerabilities of popular software are reported every day. Things are like that because the more widespread application is; the more computers are infected when security holes are found. Chrome web browser being targeted by malware creators and scammers isn’t a surprise; however, it only took a few days to find the vulnerabilities on software that supposedly is bulletproof. Apparently Google Chrome BETA wasn’t yet ready to reach the end users. It usually takes few weeks for security experts and malware creators to break the system.

Several security vulnerabilities were reported by researchers, but there’s no information if malware creators hadn’t found them too. Some of the security flaws don’t even require scammer to be programming genius; there are many tutorials online on how to change Google Chrome install to deliver desktop shortcuts to websites of your choice. As the shortcuts come with Google Chrome install they are taken as legitimate and even recommended by Google.

  1. Casandra says:
    February 7th, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Ya even i was using google chrome then my pc was affected by virus later.

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