Governmental email accounts clogged

Due to a programming flaw with the “reply” function, one reply became 2.2 million replies, clogging federal inboxes of the USA. The flaw apparently had to do with “reply” and “reply to all” being mixed up, thus leading to one reply being sent to all subscribers in a particular department. Government employees at the time were mostly exchanging all sorts of trivial knowledge such as “The weather here in D.C. is nice” and so on.

Somewhere along the way the Department of Defense wrote this message: Subject – “Urgent Request From D.O.D.” message – “This is your Combating Terrorism Office for D.O.D. asking you to kindly stop now please.”

But it didn't stop, as a matter of fact, it only accelerated.

Such mass-email problems frequently happen in the corporate world, but this kind of thing occurring in the government has raised disbelief and even anger.

This indication of severe incompetence raises the question whether the Department of Homeland Security is capable of withholding a cyber-attack.

Officials have been quoted as saying this was due to a “human error”

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