Gromozon. One of the most dangerous parasites is here

Can you imagine a dangerous parasite that serves unsolicited advertisements, drops plenty of different malware, changes essential system settings, runs harmful services, hides itself surely and even installs sophisticated, hard to get rid of rootkits? Can you image a single threat running a lot of destructive payload at the same time? Do you know any pest that is illegally installed to victim computers by numerous malicious web sites utilizing complex rootkits, which target all popular web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox and Opera)?

No, it isn’t SpywareQuake. It is not Mirar, Aurora, Surf SideKick or any other nasty malware you know. It is a completely new parasite. So new that currently there is no automatic solution for cleaning this infection. Powerful anti-spyware and antivirus software will remove most parts of it, but some remnants will be left intact. And they are capable of reinstalling the entire parasite.

It’s time to present you the new infection – Gromozon. Yes, it’s real. Gromozon has gone wild, and nobody is protected.

The most interesting thing is its distribution. It is installed by numerous malicious web sites with regularly changing addresses. You can block some of them, but new sites appear quickly?€¦

There are more shocking Grobozon facts. Marco Giuliani, virus researcher, has put them altogether into one document “GROMOZON.COM. The strange case of Dr. Rootkit and Mr. Adware”. It’s a great piece of work. Read carefully to learn how to save your system from Gromozon.

We already provide Gromozon description and basic removal instructions. However, those are far from being complete. Manual removal guide will follow soon.

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