Have you heard about Facebook profile cloning?

It seems that Facebook friends list has become more valuable than gold. Of course, this doesn’t sound surprising after hearing security experts who warn that these contacts can help hackers collect personally identifiable information, make people visit dubious sites, infect their computers with malware and initiate other malicious activities.

One of the most popular options to get person’s connections is to create a clone of his/hers Facebook profile and reinvite his/hers friends. Two TV journalists from Baltimore, Maryland, are the clearest example how easily hackers can do that. According to Chris Dachille and Kerry Cavanaugh, they fell victim when hackers created fake Facebook profiles using their name, photos and friends. After that, pammers started sending out messages to Dachille’s and Cavanaugh’s friends asking for money or inviting them to visit their dubious sites.

So, beware that an invitation from a well-known person might mean that you are dealing with hackers who seek to involve you to their malicious campaign. If you want to avoid dangerous cyber attacks, you should be very careful when accepting friend requests and clicking on unknown links. Besides, we also recommend preventing the access to your friends list what can help you to avoid the cloning of your Facebook profile. For that, follow these instructions:
1.       Go to your own Facebook profile.
2.       Click on “Friends” tab just below your cover pic.
3.       On the right-hand side, next to the “+ Find Friends” click “Edit” and “Edit Privacy”
5.       On the selection for “Who can see your friend list?” select “Only Me”
7.       Click “Close” to save these changes.

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