How cloud computing benefits business on the move

Cloud-ComputingThe conventional office can be a fixed and rather limiting place. Workers must all meet in the same location and start at the same time. A modern office, however, is far more flexible and promotes business on the move. It allows remote staff to work the hours that suit them. All this is achievable thanks to new technologies, such as cloud computing. Here is an overview of how this modern form of computing benefits usinesses on the move.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a form of digital computing that is fast becoming the de facto platform for businesses both big and small, according to this article on Forbes. Unlike conventional computing, where data is stored on physical servers, cloud computing takes place on the internet. The technology is offered by a number of trusted companies, such as McLaren Software, and can benefit businesses in a number of ways.

No fixed servers

Conventional computing necessitates that you save your information on a fixed server, which is probably stored in a room down the hall from a main office. To access the data you need, you have to use a computer that is physically hooked up to this server, a factor that can severely impinge on your ability to work on the move. Today however, with cloud computing, digital information is saved on remote servers. These servers, which are maintained and run by a third party hosting company, can be accessed remotely. This allows you to get to the data you need wherever you want; all you need is an internet connection. In essence, this makes the office wherever you are.

Increased security on the move

In addition to making fixed servers a thing of the past, cloud computing also allows you to do away with other items of hardware that could limit the ability to carry out business on the move. Items such as hard drives, USB keys and cables are used in conventional computing to allow data to be carried around. However, while these items can make business on the move possible, they can also be lost, stolen or damaged, which could have huge implications on a business.

Data stored on the cloud is far more secure; it can only be accessed by authorised personnel and is backed up on several remote servers. In the very rare event that cloud data is lost, the recovery process is very straight forward and fast. Cloud security is also carried out automatically, so a business is given the most up to date security as soon as it becomes available. Other safety benefits of cloud computing are discussed here.

Complete compatibility

In a conventional office, workers need to be using the same equipment in order to collaborate with each other. Cloud computing is technology neutral, however, which means that remote workers can use the systems that best suit them without fear of issues with compatibility. This can be a great benefit to a flexible business, which may have employees using disparate systems on opposite sides of the world.

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