How to avoid adware or potentially unwanted program (PUP)?


Day-by-day, 2spyware researchers work on testing different programs. Some of them can cause serious problems from its victims, like steal passwords or block the system, some of them can hardly initiate such dangerous activities. However, they can easily cause havoc on computer and hijack browser settings, display commercial ads and use other techniques for promoting required websites. Such programs are not categorized as malware but they should definitely be avoided.

In order to avoid adware or potentially unwanted program (also known as PUP), you should always avoid commercial ads and links that may appear even when using trustworthy search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. If you are really interested in some program, go straight to manufacturer’s website and download it from there.

In addition, beware that scammers are actively distributing adware in a bundle with free downloads. They typically present it as ‘optional download’, which could be removed if people wouldn’t click the ‘Next’ button until they see ‘Finish’ when installing freeware from the Internet… So, in order to be sure that you are installing what you are expecting to install, keep an eye on all checkboxes that say ‘I agree…..’ and similar notifications.

If you were tricked into installing adware or potentially unwanted program on your computer, you should notice changes in your home page and default search engine in all web browsers. In this case, you should remove such untrustworthy downloads and return your browser settings back to normal.


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