How to protect from Spam?

None of us has avoided receiving needless advertisements by e-mail. Sometimes such things are really annoying, especially when you get not one or two such advertisements, but about hundred. There is a special term for such obsessive net-advertisements – “spam??½?. Just after several years spam grew into a universal epidemic.

So what is bad about that spam? Very often they don’t make very big troubles as we just delete such messages from our postboxes, but?€¦ We can find out that spams are not so harmless after looking at them from the other side. Firstly, for spammer sending of such adverts is absolutely free. Situation with receivers and providers is totally different. Big amount of information can reduce to overload of canales and post boxes of providers. Because of this usual post can be received much more slower. Spammer pays practically nothing for sending spam. Receiver of spam is paying for all to his provider as he pays for time he spent in the net.

Spam is a sort of business, which earns some incomes to spam spreaders. Income depends on how many letters spammer will send, the more he sends, the more he earns. That is why such internet-litterlouts need tons of e-mails to send their useless letters.

How to protect from Spam?

There are many different ways for spammers to find out your e-mail address. For example, they can find e-mails on the open for everybody web sites. There are even special programs which musters e-mails from the internet. To avoid this you can follow several rules:

?· Don’t leave your e-mail address on various web sites which looks suspicious

?· Never answer on spammers’ letters, doing this you let them know that their letters are being read and your address really exists

?· Never press any unsubscribe links. By pressing the link you show that you email is active.

?· It isn’t a good idea to send piles of trash to the same address you got spam from, as people which are not related to spammers can suffer

Spam takes up really much time if we try to count. Each time we check our e-mail it takes time to sort useful letters from spam. Today there are many different programs which help to fight against spam. But it is really difficult to detach spam as they come in ordinary letters. There is a solution as usually spam is sent with commercial purposes, so it is possible to detach spam.

European Union is actively trying to fight with spammers, but until spams are not forbidden in the United States it is rather difficult to talk about the victory over spammers.

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