How to stay protected after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP?

windows-xpLike it or not, April is just around the corner. It should be especially important for those who are still using Windows XP OS. If you are one of those people who keep relying on this operating system, beware that April 8, 2014 is the date when Microsoft will stop supporting it. That means that the company will stop providing its technical assistance for Windows XP, including security patches for critical vulnerabilities and other updates that keep computers secure. So, how can you stay protected after Microsoft ends its support?

Basically, you should pay attention to these things:

Install a new version of Windows: If your PC is compatible with Windows 8.1, upgrade to this OS. However, there are very few older computers that are able to run the latest version of Windows. In this case, you can try Windows 7 that will be supported until 2020. However, no matter which OS, Windows 7or Windows 8, you choose, you should take into account that they both cost nearly $100. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can try installing Ubuntu Linux or other free operating system.

Choose a safe browser: We recommend forgetting about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer if you are keeping Windows XP. Instead of it, choose Google Chrome that will continue supporting Windows XP until at least April 2015. You can also opt for Mozilla Firefox as it hasn’t announced plans to stop supporting this Windows version. Make sure your third-party programs are updated: In order to increase the safeness of your PC system, make sure that you use the latest versions of PDF readers, Java and similar applications.

Start using reliable security software: Choose a reputable security software for effective protection of your computer. The best system’s protection can be achieved by installing the latest versions of two, anti-virus and anti-malware, programs.

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