India has beaten America with spamming rates on the internet

SophosLabs experts have released a detailed report about the most spamming countries in the world. This report confirmed that India has beaten USA at spamming and now it is the top 1 country to contribute to the junk email problem. Probably the 1/10th of the spam messages you receive are from an indian computer.

The biggest amount of spam comes from computers that are infected with malware, which connects them to botnets and makes them spam robots. In addition, hackers are able to steal information or to add more malware to compromised computers.

The overall count of spam messages is decreasing comparing to the Q1 of 2011 because of better work by ISP’s. However, that also shows that cybercriminals might be choosing a new path to send spam. The traditional email spam is ineffective, so spammers are attacking social networks to spread spam marketing campaigns.

It’s not a secret that old social networks are targeted for spamming campaigns. Spammers use new social networks too. You can see an example of Pinterest. It was used to link web pages, which sells goods or earns commission for spammers. With increasing amount of spam, the malware spread also increases. Social networks are targeted to phish usernames, passwords and other personal information.

By looking at the statistics, we see, that first-time users of the Internet aren’t taking the right measures to protect themselves from malicious software infections, so their computers are turned into spam bots. However, every internet user should see that as a huge problem. Don’t allow cybercriminals to use your computer for illegal purposes. Use up-to-date anti-virus software and take attention to the links you click and software you install to your PC.

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