Initiator of pop-up scam finally received punishment

Ron Cooke, pop-ups scammer, finally received what he deserved. Well, those victims that fell for his online trap might think different, but at least he was charged for what he did.

Ron Cooke used Windows Messenger Service to attack people with commercial pop-ups and then he used to offer a pop-ups blocker. But this fraudulent strategy was not the main part of the scam. Those people that paid for pop-up blocker never got a security tool; they got what seemed to be useless inoffensive program, but it was just a disguise. The “Pop-up blocker” offered by Ron Cooke was actually a spamming tool capable of flooding other computers with spam messages secretly. The gullible users paid for turning their computer into spamming machines. This could have been avoided if victims checked reputation of the “Pop-up blocker”, because all the tools promoted by the scammer were rogue anti-spyware products. Ron Cooke distributed infamous malware such as WinAntiSpyware, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007, System Doctor and Messenger Blocker.

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