Insecure Internet

It is a well-known fact: the Internet is not as harmless and secure place as it was in the end of last century. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find an unprotected computer, connected to the World Wide Web.

In our opinion, this is an absolute necessity, because staying unprotected means getting infected with various parasites, like Trojan horses, password stealers or destructive viruses. There is no reason for disagreeing with our point: there are thousands of active viruses, circulating round the Internet, and the possibility that one or several of these programs will sneak into your PC is really high. If you believe these viruses will only sneak into your machine and do nothing, you are 100% wrong, because they can result in hundreds of different unwanted consequences (such as the loss of private data or system instability).

If you still believe having your PC protected with anti spyware is not a must, we will try to prove you’re wrong. First of all, we live in the XXI century, when information is one of the main values. Keeping your private information protected enough is always a number-one task, because losing it always leads to various negative effects. Imagine the following situation: somebody steals your credit card information (in other words, you lose it) and uses it for his or her personal needs; in the result of this situation you lose your money, time (restoring your credit card doesn’t take one moment) and good mood. This is only one example, and thousands of other ones can be easily found.

We want you to know how defenseless your computer is, if there is no proper security installed on it. In fact, 90 percent of users don’t know how their machines act and how is it possible to sneak into their computers from the remote host. Although these people blindly think that only seeing means believing, we strongly recommend everyone to protect PCs with anti spyware, no matter if there still were no attempts of breaking into these machines (even if there were no visible attempts).

All in all, we would like to recommend everybody, who is concerned about their private data’s security, installing anti spyware and having their computers protected. Although you can never be sure that your PC is 100% resistant to parasites, having such software installed decreases the possibility of getting infected dramatically.

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