Internet Apocalypsis Upcoming – Prepare for DNSChanger Servers Closure

The date of July 9, 2012 should be marked as the day of Internet apocalypse. It is the deadline, when FBI is planning to shut down those temporary “clean” DNSChanger servers. But the fact is, that if you prepare yourself, you can let your organisation and users go through that day without damage.

Not so long ago, FBI stated the shutdown of a huge clickjacking botnet with the cooperation of Estonian authorities and other antimalware organizations. They raided almost 100 servers that were infected by this malicious code. Moreover, seven people were arrested and charged with computer intrusion and wire fraud crimes. Those actions stopped a malware known ad DNS changer, which was infecting computers since 2007.

DNS Changer malware is made to replace the Domain Name System (DNS) on infected machines to address to some malicious routers or servers. It is widespread because it infects both PC and Mac systems. The redirected traffic served to spam, send malware and more. Additionally, it blocked access for antimalware sites and OS updates, to defend itself from removal.

And when FBI will shutdown the servers, which fixed the redirected traffic for infected computers, millions of internet users will lose internet connection. So the question is, how to check if you’re infected? That’s not so hard. FBI and DNS Changer Working Group made some step-by-step guides, and there are lot’s of self check tools on the Internet. Additionally, FBI made a form where you can enter your IP to check if you’re infected.

And there are many ways to fix it. Although the best way to remove DNS Changer malware is to use a reputable anti-spyware software, sometimes you will need to do a full reinstall of your system to ensure that you’re fully repaired. Here are some tools that can remove DNS changer:

Keep in mind that if your machine will be infected after the deadline – you will lose your internet connection. The fixing methods will remain the same, but the loss of the internet will probably make it harder to clean up, because you will need a separate and obviously clean computer to download removal tools.

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