Internet Hoaxes

Internet is full of information. Some of it is valuable and important, some of it just exist and that’s all. But there’s one more type of information. It is called hoax. It’s false information about important things. Hoaxes aren’t harmful for your PC system, but if you believe in that hoax or do what is written there, you can make problem for your PC yourself.

There are some types of hoaxes:
– Malicious warnings. They can reach you in some forum, blog or by e-mail. They warn about false danger. It can write some file that you need to be aware and delete it. This file can be even some important file of operating system and you are able to remove it..
– Jokes.
– True Legends. It’s real stories making the same purpose as hoax.
– Give aways. Informs about charity.
– Threat chains.
– Scare chains.
– Hacked stories.
– Scam chains.
– Chains letters.
– Myths.
– Requests for help.

Internet hoaxes have only one purpose – to spread false information and to make some damage with it. But the risk associated with hoaxes isn’t very high if no one follows it. There are some ways you can detect hoax. Hoax messages are mostly written in technical language and about some warning, danger, threats and includes some instructions. Also it may contain anti-advertising text. For example someone will write that particular game or site contains viruses or spywares. And opposite. There might be text with false information and advertising.
Never trust messages on Internet that instructs you to do something, to click some buttons or to accept something. Always read everything firstly. If you think that the post on Internet or some article is hoax, report about your doubt to administrator or moderator of forum. They will always help you. Always check out news on safe sites of security, like an official site of Microsoft, or Symantec. They provide trustworthy information about new threats. And never delete files yourself even if message is not a hoax. Use manual removal instructions or leave it for anti-spyware program to remove.

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