Internet terrorism

Almost every day we hear about various terror acts in the world. It is so usual to hear word “terrorism??½? that we don’t actually pay attention on it. We used to associate word “terrorism??½? with various awful events in the world connected with violence, that is terror acts, but how often think we about Internet terrorism?

Progress of technologies leads to bigger reliance on them, including computers. Computers take up really important place in our lives and problems in controlling them can surely have influence on different spheres of our life. Nowadays people talk about internet terrorism more and more. If we think deeper over this problem we will find out to what dangerous subsequences may lead Internet terrorism and what big damages can do such internet terrorists.

When your computer is overtaken by the internet terrorist you even will not notice. The computer will slow down, that is all what you will see.
Terrorists can use your conputer to send variuos attacks to certain places. Like this you computer becomes terrorist and you become terrosist even if you know nothing about it.
Internet terrorist can write the worm which will be untracable to all antivirus software, like that they can infect millions of computers.
Imagine that your company servers get the requests from these computers at once. Almost any server will go down like this.
Imagine that these million computers are trying to break encryptions, it is not so difficult to break any encryption, to break any password if you have access to these million infected computers.

To avoid internet terrorism we must protect our computers. How can we do that? Everyone knows about various kinds of the Internet security software. It is impossible now to use the Internet and not to protect your computer, as instantly you will become victim of some sort of virus or something like that. Though even when you have protected your computer you aren’t completely safe from different hackers as every day they invent newer and newer ways to intrude into the other’s computer.

So if you want to help to stop Internet terrorism you must protect your computer. There are free main steps to do this, that is:

?· Antivirus, which protects your computer from diverse viruses by scanning incoming files and periodically checking files on your computer for viruses

?· Antispyware, which protects your computer from leaking sensitive information, behavior habits, internet tracks.

?· Firewall protects your computer from different attacks. It protects your computer from willful access to your computer and each time you are being asked if you want to let the access or not

?· And it is supremely important to update your software as progress in inventing new viruses is tremendously fast

Finally, we can see that even our computer can be terrorized and how easily we can become victims of internet terrorism. Of course we can’t stop it in one day or week, but after applying even minimal efforts to protect your computers from hackers we can believe that after some time the results will be obvious.

  • carolin

    The presence of terrorist groups on the internet is a relatively new phenomenon, the growth of which has exploded in the past decade

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