iPhones vulnerable to malware attacks

The 1.1.2 firmware was released last week, in an attempt to disallow third-party applications to run on the iPhone. In a matter of hours it was hacked, albeit mostly not for malicious reasons, such as unlocking the phone for other carriers. Patrik Runald, the security response manager for F-Secure Security Labs, in accordance to this, has said that the iPhone can and will attract malware attacks, because it is simply too easy to hack in order for hackers not to do so.

According to Runald, “What they're doing is they're breaking out of the iPhone's secure mode, which is that you're not allowed to venture outside of the UI. Once this stage is reached, you're out of the shield, you can do anything.”

The iPhone is due to be opened to third-party applications in February, a decision that may have a few consequences. While this would make it easier to make malware attacks, it would also allow security software to be installed, thus countering the threat. Having in mind the ease, with which the iPhone can be hacked, it is probably a logical step.

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