Is China a Home for Internet Crimes?

According to Sophos report, most of malware is made in China. It doesn’t mean that malware is the main Chinese product, but it’s clear that this country is not as interested in cyber safety as the others on this planet. The report claims that almost 54% of world’s infected websites are hosted in China. These results don’t reflect the real situation: although the webpages are hosted in China, they can be infected from any other country. However it’s China’s responsibility to take care of these websites because they distribute malware for all the world.

This report doesn’t help Chine to strengthen the reputation. At the first sight it looks like China is a scapegoat for all the problems of the internet. There have been many charges against China recently: cyber attacks against US, UK, Germany and France are not the crimes you hear of everyday. Usually these actions would require serious investigation. All the countries that suffered attacks reported that the tracks lead straight to China. However China refuses to investigate these cases and charges Chinese People's Liberation Army.

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