Is it always spyware that slows your computer down?

Thanks to popular clich?©s, most users think that only viruses and spyware can slow their computers down. Popular advertising catchphrases like “You PC runs slowly? You have spyware/viruses!” on all those anti-spyware and antivirus sites make people think that only security software can speed their systems up.

Usually that’s true. Anti-spyware and antivirus programs remove infections that noticeably degrade system and Internet performance. However, there is one little problem. Different security products are incompatible with each other and conflict when running at the same time. A lot of people do not know about this and desperately install all competitive programs they know in attempt to improve system performance and make their computers as much secure as possible. However, having two, three or even four different antiviruses or spyware removers installed and running does not protect you at all, as conflicting programs simply do not work as intended and crash eventually or freeze the entire system. It’s much better to have only one program than ten similar applications running.

Another reason why your computer runs slowly is also not related to spyware infections. It can be caused by your security software. According to recent test results, popular antivirus suites like Norton Internet Security 2006 or McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8 are number one resource hogs capable of slowing the system down worser than even most parasites can. Only one complex antivirus program running on older computer can severely degrade system performance, and two such programs running at the same time may even hang your PC.

Anti-spyware and antivirus programs must be used with care. Software designed to improve your system performance and ensure reliable protection works conversely, if used improperly.

Install and use only one antivirus program! Never run more than one spyware remover with real-time protection enabled! Running three, five, ten or twenty different programs will not make your system safer. This will only slow your computer down.

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