?€“ website to avoid

Online shopping is maybe dangerous if you use insecure money transfer system. Sometimes even reputable payments systems are corrupted or web browsers get redirected and this may lead into losing money. However, some websites are initially malicious and can take your money without hesitation. is infamous payment system that is being related to malware creators. The website itself can not infect computers nor steal banking accounts; however it serves for a purpose of deceiving people. This website is used by many malware creators as a helper to collect money. If certain product can only be purchased using system, you should be cautious. is the one that sells Pest Capture, Brave Sentry, SpySheriff and other malicious software. According to users’ reports, the downloads available on this website may contain spyware, adware and other unwanted applications. Avoid using if you value your computer and information you store on it.

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