It’s official! Adobe loses NOT 2.9 million, but 38 million usernames and encrypted passwords of active users

Everyone was quite surprised when Adobe announced about its hack in the beginning of October. It was then guessed that this attack affected about 3.8 million of users. However, it seems that the outcome of this hack is much worse than it was expected – according to the latest information, Adobe attack involved not 3.8 million, but 38 million usernames and encrypted passwords. Besides, hackers also managed to exploit Adobe systems and steal the source code for Photoshop, Acrobat, Reader, and ColdFusion.

According to the latest announcement, Adobe has already finished to notify affected PC users. Those users are reported to receive such emails:

Although our investigation is ongoing, we believe that the third party likely removed from our systems certain customer names, payment card expiration dates, encrypted payment card numbers, and other information relating to customer orders. In addition, the third party used our systems to decrypt some card numbers. We have not been able to confirm that any decrypted card numbers were removed as a result of this access to our systems.

Adobe’s spokesmen also claim that they have already managed to reset all passwords that belong to stolen Adobe IDs and promise that they will continue a year of credit monitoring to all customers whose credit cards were accessed in the attack. However, the company is still in the process of evaluating the number of inactive, invalid, and test accounts that were also involved into this incident.

We hope that you have changed your password, especially if you used your credit card or debit card details when purchasing Adobe’s products. If you didn’t, we highly recommend doing that ASAP.

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