Join the Club! But Beware of Scam

According to reputable security blog, new type of scam appeared on the online world.

There are a lot of different ways to infect a computer or to steal personal information. You have probably heard that you shouldn’t click on links that suggest you to view an e-greeting card (even if the email says it’s your grandma) or to confirm bank details. The last email fraud was sexy pictures storm, which installed a worm on your machine if you clicked on a link to ‘sexy photos’.

Well a new tactics of scam was noticed just a couple of days ago. This time fraudulent email messages congratulate you for joining a private web community/ secret web club. If a club is available only for those with invitations, why don’t you check out what it is? But that’s a mistake, once you click on a link to join the great online club, you are infected. Beware of this type of scam. In most cases it’s better to be suspicious than pay for cleaning your computer.

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