LG Smart TVs are tracking their owners

Have you ever thought that your TV could allow hackers to get into your television and infect it malware? It seems that it’s possible if you are the owner of the smart TV. According to blogger DoctorBeet, who already noticed a security hole in his Samsung TV last year, he has recently discovered something interesting on his LG Smart TV.

It seems that the hole in LG Smart TV is not as bad as the one, which was discovered on Samsung TV . Instead of allowing hackers to infect TVs with malware, track their owners and similar activities, LG Smart TV is set to send data about people’s viewing habits. As DoctorBeet claims, no matter if you disable the “Collection of watching info” option in the system settings menu or not, this smart TV can still send data back to its manufacturer: it simply connects to the URL and reports what channels are your favorites and how much time do you spend watching them.

The worst part is that researcher has also noticed that some filenames of some media that were kept on his USB stick have also been transmitted! According to LG, the Terms and Conditions notify about this thing and, if you don’t read this, that’s your problem then.

If you are LG Smart TV’s owner and now you are scared that something is tracking you, you have some options: DoctorBeet tells about 7 domains that you should block via your router and make sure that your data is protected.

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