Mac trojan targets game sites to infect users

Mac users should pay their attention to a new parasite. New version of Mac trojan virus is known for changing PC’s DNS settings. Intego, which is responsible for Mac security, announced to find the RSPlug Trojan on websites, offering legal games for users. It’s quite unusual because this parasite is known to infect computers through pornographic sites or sites distributing infected software.
Mac Trojan is programmed to work in the same way as the other previous maleware. According Intego, after following the link to a legal game the PC user is brought to a rogue link which is infected with Trojan horse. Virus changes computers DNS settings and user can be redirected to the place hackers want. It is forecasted that this Trojan horse will be provided more and more and there is great danger to get infected by this rogue program.
All Mac users are recommended to download respectable software.

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