Major malicious websites registrar shutting down on November 24

Have you ever wondered how come people are able to register malicious websites and keep those going without facing any legal issues? Roots of some frauds are difficult to track because not every country supports international collaboration, but November 2008 brings justice to our side.

EstDomains, Inc. was known as home of many malicious websites. Fraudulent websites may look like lesser evil than viruses or parasites; however, the internet is the mean to distribute all those annoying malwares. If there wasn’t infected and fraudulent internet sources, many infections could be avoided. That’s why security experts and web surfers are going to celebrate November 24, the day when EstDomains is going to be shut down.

The reason for shutting down EstDomains business is interesting. Apparently president of the company Vladimir Tsastsin was involved in money laundering, document forgery and credit card frauds; the termination of EstDomains, Inc. is based on convicting him guilty.

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