Malware apps are infecting smartphone users

Security experts announce that protection against smartphone malware has become a serious issue because most of the users don’t even know that they can allow it to come together with popular apps. Trying to get money, cyber criminals have started to use this actively growing market – they release Trojan apps looking exactly like legitimate ones (imitating popular games and etc.). According to security experts, after being downloaded and installed, these apps generate money for creators by sending text messages of premium rate that cost at least ?£6 per one. So, there is no surprise that cyber criminals have started to use niche.

Smartphones are attractive for cyber criminals because they run apps that still can’t be verified and easily said to be 100% safe to use. In addition, many users download non-official apps because they want to avoid spending their money on such thing. Sadly, but by doing this they may lead themselves to much bigger expenditure which clears out only after getting the monthly telephone bill.

According to experts, this type of malware can be very profitable for it creators because it sends a steady stream of text messages (some of its examples have managed to send a message every minute). To avoid this unpleasant surprise, install legitimate security software and also take these steps to protect your device:

  • Download apps only from a legitimate source;
  • Avoid insecure websites, containing adult content and other;
  • Track your phone bill;
  • Pay attention how fast your battery runs down quickly;
  • Don’t leave your phone unattended.


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