Malware creates fake malicious YouTube websites

Almost every computer user knows how difficult it is to remove malware, but do you know how difficult it is to make a malicious website to infect computers? According to experts at Panda Security, it’s not difficult at all. They discovered a tool dedicated to creating fraudulent business. It might look scary at the first sight, however fighting devil you know is much easier than not knowing what to expect.

The new tool named YTFakeCreator generates code of malicious website. A scammer only needs to fill some short form and the website is ready to infect visitors. YTFakeCreator makes a website that looks like YouTube; this fact is the trump card as the real YouTube is very popular and not everyone checks website’s URL in address bar.

Fortunately, YTFakeCreator is not very powerful and it can’t do anything else besides making a clone of YouTube. A scammer who owns such a website has to attract visitors somehow in order to infect computers. If you clicked on link to video on YouTube, make sure the website you’re browsing is actually, otherwise you shouldn’t trust a thing you see. Another good thing about this fraud is the website inability to infect machine automatically. This means, that even if you got tricked into visiting fraudulent page, you stay out of trouble if you don’t download anything.

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