Malware pushers like Web 2.0

Everyone is crazy about Web 2.0. Everyone likes new social services with bright colors, smooth text and pretty logos, so it’s not surprising that malware pushers like Web 2.0 too.

Just look at Adult Tuba, fake porn video service, pretending to look like the popular YouTube. The design is very similar. But everything else is different. On Adult Tuba you get fake codecs that drop lots of different parasites once executed. Widely spread adware, corrupt anti-spyware programs like AntiVermins and VirusBursters are distributed this way.

Funny, but some people still want to run suspicious software in exchange for free porn. But there is no such thing on Adult Tuba. You don’t get any videos even after installing a fake codec. But you get loads of malware instead. Pretty cool, huh?

Adult Tuba, Porn Tuba, Sex Tuba or no matters what – just don’t fall into this!

Web site screenshot here (not an actual link)

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