Malware rates keep rising up

We could hope for more secure days of the internet to come, if only security researches forecasted anything positive. Unfortunately, when it comes to safety of the World Wide Web, each computer user is as vulnerable as a fly on spiders net.

ScanSafe Global Threat research reported malware rates were 278 percent higher first half of 2008 in comparison to last year’s data. The types of infections and scams are also changing over time, so prevention of malware becomes more complicated. The scams that were popular a year ago could be recognized easier while the most common online frauds of 2008 so far were masked well. This new twist from apparent to invisible brings more victims of malware because it makes fraud almost impossible to recognize with a bare eye.

Compromising reputable legal websites or making infected look-alike copies is not a new strategy; however it was quite rare on the first half of 2007. These tactics are dangerous because of two reasons: computers are infected secretly and the reputation of legitimate websites gets worse in time.

ScanSafe reported good news as well. Although numbers of backdoor trojans and password stealers increased from 4 percent (January 2008) to 27 (June 2008), these types of malware were blocked on most majority of computers by security tools.

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