Meet Bunch of New Spyware Cookies (Removal Guide Included)

We have heard of spyware cookies related to trojans earlier this week. New cookies that are similar to these appeared on web recently. If you notice Porndrive, Popular-Ticket, WMVmedialease, Play-Mega, Totalcodec, Plus-Codec, Vacwebsoft or VideoAccessCodec on your computer, run antispyware scan immediately. These cookies are related either to Zlob trojan or other trojans that are masked like media players or similar software.

These are not simple cookies that are used by websites to remember your login or other information. Cookies like Porndrive, Play-Mega, Popular-Ticket, WMVmedialease, Totalcodec, Plus-Codec, Vacwebsoft and VideoAccessCodec are able to track every browsing activity and send it to remote server. They are able to collect personal data as well. That is why you have to run anti spyware before you experience any damage. If your anti spyware is not capable of removing these spyware cookies, you can remove them manually.

Removal instructions are the same for all the cookies mentioned above. Before you start, take a look at Removing Malicious Files Tutorial. Use the tutorial to remove the following files:

[Cookie Name].com
[Cookie Name].txt
[Cookie Name]

[CookieName] stand for any cookie mentioned above. If you want to get rid of VideoAccessCodec, you need to delete, VideoAccessCodec.txt and VideoAccessCodec files.

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