Memory vulnerability found on Windows Vista

Every version of Windows operating system is under attack of scammers, malware creators and similar members of the gang because Windows is the most popular OS choice for a computer. This means that if vulnerability of Windows is found and exploited there are more people affected and more money gained than in case Leopard vulnerability is revealed. That is why Windows is always on the target of hackers. And Windows Vista is not an exception of the rule.

New vulnerability of Windows Vista was revealed this week. It appears to be serious danger to all the users because it affects everyone who has Vista aboard a computer, not just a single application or single type of applications. Researchers revealed major glitch in Windows Vista dynamic memory management that apparently can be compromised in several different ways. This vulnerability affects all users of Windows Vista because every application running on a computer uses dynamic memory. Vista users should be concerned about one more thing: usually talks about exploits begin when vulnerabilities are already attacked by malware. However, researchers hope that they were the first one to notice the flaw and no computer was infected by using this vulnerability.

Security experts recommend downloading Windows Update; if your computer runs Windows Vista, click Start button and choose “Windows Update” from the menu. The updates of operating systems usually contain important updates although not all of them are related to computer security. Installing new updates is strongly recommended as it can prevent many security issues.

  1. Casandra says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 6:52 am

    Most of the memory spaces are hacked and been spoiled

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