Microsoft Excel files have been used to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities

Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat has been have been affected by a critical zero-day vulnerability. This was exploited through swf files which are embedded in Microsoft Excel files. The vulnerability can affect computers running any operating system and all versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat are affected. Once a user opens Excel file received by an e-mail the system can completely crash. If exploit is successful it can enable the attacker to take over entire computer system.

Computer users are advised to be extra careful when opening Excel files especially if they have been sent by an unknown person. Even if you know the sender it would be good to make sure that he or she was really sending you that file and that the source is trusted.

Make sure to update your program as soon as Adobe prepares the fix. This is planned to be done next week as Adobe is still working on developing the final stages. Remember that delaying can cause even more problems so do not hesitate and upgrade your Adobe as soon as possible.

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