Fake emails ask to support travelers that are “stuck” in Ukraine

Because of its political and social life, Ukraine is in the spotlight right now. It’s not a secret that scammers don’t need much time until they use such and similar situations for their own needs, so today we need to warn you about their latest scam campaign, which is related to this troubled country. Basically, you should avoid all mails that are telling about vacationers who cannot leave Ukraine and are asking for a loan of several thousands of dollars. If you happen to receive such mail, you should remove it.

This specific spam campaign is based on misleading story about travelers who are stuck in Ukraine because of its political situation. In fact they could “leave” the country with their flight if they would have several thousands of dollars that are needed for paying hotel and other bills. Scammers also mention in their letter that travelers have also lost their IDs, mobile phones and money somewhere in Kiev. They claim that they’ve already visited Embassy and Police but nothing has helped…

If you received an email that asked to make a money transfer via Western Union in order to help unlucky travelers that are stuck in Ukraine, you should delete it. Please, never make such transaction and never give transaction numbers to strangers because they will steal your money!

In order to prevent such mails from showing up in your inbox, you should install reliable security tool that blocks such messages before they manage to mislead you.

Source: hotforsecurity.com

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