More fake codecs and programs

In April, we wrote about Emcodec (eMedia Codec) and Vcodec – fake codecs for Windows Media Player. These useful looking applications were actually malicious trojans designed to trick inexperienced users into infecting their systems with widely spread parasites like SpywareQuake or SpyFalcon.

All this time, we were receiving numerous reports from people around the globe who have been hit by fake codec infections. However, in May, the infection rate has decreased noticeably. That is because most of the sites distributing trojans have been shut down by this time. However, it looks like the new wave is coming.

Recently, antivirus and anti-spyware experts discovered Emcodec.c and Stream Video Codec parasites, which are very similar to the infamous Emcodec and Vcodec threats. The first pest pretends to be an installer for the DigiKeygen password generator, while the second one is presented as a “new generation multimedia codec”.

Both codecs and key generators (illegal applications used for piracy) are very popular types of software. A lot of people are looking for them constantly. If you are one of them, please choose wisely. DO NOT download Stream Video Codec or any other multimedia utility, which you have never heard before. Also, never search for key generators, cracks or similar utilities. Not only because they are illegal, but also because most of such applications are actually malicious parasites. Installing them usually results in spyware or virus infection.

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