More Spam But More Anti-Spam Fight

Ponemon Institute made a conclusion for more than 125 separate studies and the conclusion is: the amount of spam is getting bigger and it becomes more sophisticated. However the same report reveals the other side of spam: people give away their personal information easily.

It’s not a big surprise to hear that the bad guys work day and night to get around spam filters, to create more convincing spam messages, to put malicious code into places you don’t expect it to be. But wait, do people subscribe spam voluntarily? It’s sad, but it’s true: according to Ponemon Institute, people fill in surveys or lottery blanks and register on disreputable websites without reading the terms printed in small letters. Keep in mind that some of those surveys can be made only to gather private details that contain email address. Sometimes the terms clearly state that the collected information will be used by the third parts. If a person fills in form without minding who can use his/her data, you can’t really blame the scammers. The collected personal information is highly valued among telemarketing companies; those email addresses make advertising simple and cheap. Even if you don’t want to unsubscribe Viagra spam, you should still think at least twice before giving away your details. Your social security number, birth date or even full name can be used to steal you identity. And information like your hobbies, brand preferences and purchase history can be used to attack you with a specific type of spam that you can not refuse.

However, you might be not alone in fight against spam. It depends on your location as some governments have already approved laws that restrict the use of email advertising. New Zealand won’t stand any kind of spam from the 5th of September. This strategy scares the telemarketing companies and legitimate ones as well, because New Zealand chose strict tactics that limits legitimate email advertising as well. On the other hand once they know what exactly is called a spam message, both the good guys and the bad ones will be able to adjust their marketing policy to suit the laws.

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