MySpace – a playground for malware pushers?

Did you ever visit MySpace, “an online community that lets you meet friends’ friends”? Most our visitors from United States or Canada have definitely been there at least once. Even if you didn’t, your kids are familiar with this service. Doubt it? Simply ask them! A lot of teenagers from around the world are registered MySpace users. They have personal web sites on MySpace. They communicate with friends online. They share interesting images, videos, etc.

So what’s wrong? Kids are having a good time blogging, chatting, playing games, watching funny videos, etc. Sure they do. And it’s OK. But, unfortunately, a lot of parasite makers and malware pushers find these activities pleasurable too. Reputable spyware and security experts are continuously discovering new malware incidents on MySpace all this month. Here is the chronology:

July 9 – Zango adware being pushed on MySpace from user profiles (link here)
July 13 – an adware group uses MySpace to push own adware and browser hijacker, capable of collecting MySpace user account details
July 16 – an exploit spreads rapdily through MySpace profiles infecting visitors of hacked pages and/or redirecting them to undesirable web sites (link here)
July 25 – bots on fake MySpace profiles chat with visitors asking to provide credit card information (link here)
July 26 – fake MySpace profiles advertise a gambling web site (link here)

The incidents listed above are the most noticeable. However, there are more of them. MySpace has attempted to stop these practices. However, they didn’t succeed – Zango adware is still pushed on MySpace through videos that any MySpace member can place on own web page.

So, what’s happening? MySpace, probably the most popular teen site around the world, is becoming a playground for malware pushers, porn spreaders and other scums trying to make money by deceiving and doing harm to MySpace users, mostly kids.

Keep a sharp eye on your youngsters that use MySpace. This place is not safe nowadays.

Your opinion regarding MySpace – a playground for malware pushers?

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