MySpace spammer sentenced to pay $6 million

Spammers are not the most popular persons in a world, but $6 million fine one of them has to pay still makes you raise eyebrows. But it’s only until you know what he was punished for. So what a human should do to receive a penalty like that?

The name “” is well known for MySpace members who are on the social network since summer 2006. But there’s no one who would like to praise the company, because the website was promoted in millions of spam messages. Scott Richter managed to send 100 million spam messages daily on August 2006; he thought it could be nice advertising campaign. MySpace authorities and users thought the other way around and finally sued him and the company on January last year. He created several fake accounts and used them to distribute spam. The fine is not the biggest for Scott Richter: the earlier company he owned had to pay $7 million for Microsoft for similar charges.

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