Nearly 2 million of Adobe users used ‘123456’ as their password. Are you sure yours’s not the same?

No matter how frequently we report about identity thefts and similar crimes, it seems that people still don’t think that they can fall victims to these attacks personally. This was revealed when scammers published a file with Adobe’s hacked passwords that were stolen from the company some weeks ago.

According to this file (which included 150 million total accounts!), people still rely on common passwords that can be easily revealed by cyber criminals or other people. No matter how crazy it sounds, the most popular password among Adobe users still is ‘123456’ – nearly 2 million users used it when registering for Adobe products. Others used ‘123456789,’ ‘password,’ ‘adobe123,’ ‘12345678,’ ‘qwerty,’ ‘1234567,’ ‘111111,’ ‘photoshop,’ and ‘123123.’ It seems that some users dedicated some seconds to think deeper – they decided to choose ‘marcomedia’, ‘iloveyou’ or ‘photoshop’ as a password.

According to security experts, these results remind past attacks, such as Yahoo, Gawker, and others, where the top 5 list looked almost identically to this one. This reveals that no matter how much time has passed, two million of people use the same password. We highly recommend looking at this situation seriously and changing all your passwords to strong and unique ones. In fact, why don’t you rely on websites that can generate unique password for you without bothering to think about that.

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