New Android Trojan is Uncovered

The group of researchers from NC State University have revealed a new cyber threat – SMS Android Trojan that attacks android systems by representing itself as Google Library. This threat is used to perform various functions designed by its creators, like sending messages or initiating phone calls to premium numbers. Though illegal activity may sound familiar for you, researchers claim that this virus can be called a version of Android Trojans because it has no similarities to earlier released Android threats and attempts to utilize Device Administration API.

It seems to be clear that this threat is completely good at masquerading and additionally using victim’s personal information for illegal activities. Trying to get inside the system, Trojan named DroidLive uses a package that matches Google’s own package naming convention and installs itself as a device administration app. In addition, investigation has revealed that this scamware starts receiving commands from a Command and Control (C&C) server once it gets inside the system and performs required functions.

Being infected with DroidLive may result in significantly big phone bills because it is designed to send text messages or call only to premium numbers. In addition, this trojan also collects personal information of the victim, so you can also lose your credit card information or various passwords as well. It is highly recommended using only official sources when you download an App because researchers have found more than 10 infected Android Apps that have been spread through alternative marketplaces, not the official Android Market. Besides, always read reviews and ratings to avoid downloading this or other cyber threat.


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