New Internet Explorer vulnerability

Microsoft still did not release the fix for the latest highly critical vulnerability, which has been exploited by hackers and used to install malware to victim computers. Because of this, security experts encourage users to disable Active Scripting support in Internet Explorer or switch to alternative web browsers. However, there is another reason.

Yesterday, new moderately critical vulnerability was discovered in the most popular web browser. This flaw affects the loading of Flash content in browser windows. The attackers can already exploit it in order to spoof the address bar in Internet Explorer. This allows them to hide the true address of the site being viewed and trick the user. Such attacks can be used mostly by phishers, who try to steal money and confidential information from users by directing them to fake financial web sites that looks very similarly to legitimate resources.

The new vulnerability affects Internet Explorer 6 on fully patched Windows XP systems. You can find out whether your system is vulnerable, or not, by running Secunia’s test.

The only way to prevent potential attacks is completely disabling the Active Scripting support in Internet Explorer.

Read more here – Secunia advisory SA19521 — Internet Explorer vulnerability

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