New spam target ?€“ mobile users

We bet you have enough trouble with spam as it is, but now it’s stalking us on our mobile phones as well. And while computer spam just eats your time and nerve, phone spam might cost you money, as you may have to pay for incoming unsolicited messages.
Ferris Research states that US mobile phone users will get 1.1 billion spam messages this year – 300 million more than in 2006. Officials are trying to take measures, but the problem is so new many still have no idea how to cope with it. And while institutions are developing new strategies, spammers don’t rest either.

Mobile companies say they’re using everything in their arsenal to stop the spam and find ways for subscribers to block unwanted senders, but some of the spam still goes through, clogging networks and irritating users. And there is still no real legal remedy for that, except for FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the US national do-not-call rule which partly covers text-based telemarketing.
The other concern’s that not only spammers, but major companies like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft are searching for ways to reach mobile phone users with mobile ads as well, and while those ads would be sent only with a user’s consent, it still would make the illegal advertising prevention all more difficult.

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