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You should have heard about SpySheriff, the infamous corrupt anti-spyware program. This malware is illegally installed to victim computers by the same named parasite through certain web browser exploits. SpySheriff was and still is a rapidly spreading threat. Thousands of users have already been infected. Although the infection rate in 2006 has slowed down noticeably, SpySheriff still is one of the most widely spread pests.

However, some malware makers think that this is not enough. Pest Trap, their new creation, pretends to rank alongside SpySheriff. Although this new rogue is not illegally distributed at the moment, it might be hijacking user web browser and desktops any day now. A few days ago, Pest Trap was found on one of numerous fake security web sites that secretly plant parasites on visitor computers.

Pest Trap is terribly similar to SpySheriff. It has the same interface, produces similar scan results and consists of almost identical components. It is only the matter of time when Pest Trap will start spreading. That is why you have to take all necessary precautions against the potential infection. Update your entire system and security-related software including the antivirus, firewall and spyware remover. Avoid visiting fake security web sites like – such resources install parasites without any notification. And last, but not least. Do not trust warnings you receive from “security center” icons in the system tray, alerts appearing in the web browser or on the desktop. All these messages are bogus. They are designed to trick you into purchasing corrupt anti-spyware products.

Take care and stand by for more information on Pest Trap.

  1. Mary Ryan says:
    February 21st, 2006 at 2:15 am

    Sohard to get rid of Thanks to you I have a go at trying

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