New SpySheriff clone is on the loose

SpySheriff, the infamous corrupt anti-spyware program, has got yet another clone. Brave Sentry is a new addition to the large family of SpySherriff-like such as Pest Trap, SpywareNo! or SpyDemolisher. Currently, only several users reported to be infected. However, Brave Sentry may start a new epidemic very soon.

The new corrupt program is terribly similar to Spy Sheriff. Although it has a slightly different interface, it uses identical spyware definitions database, produces similar scan results and consists of of almost the same components. Furthermore, Brave Sentry is illegally distributed in exactly the same way as SpySheriff or Pest Trap. It is secretly installed to user computers by dangerous parasites, through malicious advertisements and using certain exploits. Some insecure web sites already started infecting their visitors.

The infection symptoms are almost the same as SpySheriff’s or even SpyFalcon’s. Once installed, the parasite displays the infamous system tray icon, which acts as a link to a web site distributing the corrupt spyware remover. The threat also hijacks the desktop, changes the Internet Explorer default home page and may redirect the web browser to malicious web sites. It is able to download and setup other unsolicited and potentially dangerous software.

It is only the matter of time when Brave Sentry will begin spreading rapidly. That is why you have to take all necessary precautions against the potential infection. Update your entire system and security-related software including the antivirus, firewall and spyware remover. Avoid visiting questionable and illegal web sites – such resources install parasites without any notification. And last, but not least. Do not trust warnings you receive from security-related icons in the system tray, alerts appearing in the web browser or on the desktop. All these messages are bogus. They are designed to trick you into purchasing rogue anti-spyware products.

Brave Sentry manual removal instructions

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