New tendency: smartphones and social networks have been attacked by hackers

According to reports released by one of computer security firms, Symantec, new tendency has been noticed: cyber criminals have finally paid their attention to the major mobile platforms and have started working on smartphones. Social networking hotspots that are frequently becoming massive, have been attacked by scammers more frequently on the first part of this year, says Symantec.

Additionally, PandaLabs says that smartphones running Android software were one of the main targets of hackers on March. They were attacked through malicious applications downloaded from official applications’ store called Android Market. Malicious “Trojan’ together with illegitimate Android smartphone applications was downloaded for more than 50.000 times and stolen personal users’ information. Besides, this Trojan has been noticed to download and install other apps without any permission of a user asked.

However, seems that hackers have been stopped successfully. According to Symantec and its announcement, Google managed to close this store and also removed all malicious apps connected to Trojan.

Together with smartphones, popularity of social network platforms has also been growing. Scammers tend to get into person’s account and start sending messages to his contacts filled with links to websites with malicious code.

So, before you install something into your PC or smartphone, make sure it’s from trusted source and legitimate. Protect your smartphone with reputable security software and install one into your PC as well.


  1. Casandra says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 6:41 am

    The next generation is fully using Smart phones which is more mobility even bank transaction id done through that ,so it’s good to have mobile security enabled ,mobile security like kaspersky,COMODO,Avg,Avast etc…

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