New tool to fight zombie networks came from Microsoft

The damage done by zombie networks grows by days, yet botnets are not easy to stop or even to detect. Fortunately, creators of legitimate software keep in pace with malware factories and designs tools for eliminating botnets. A new tool by Microsoft was tested by Canadian police to detect and arrest major cyber criminals. Although details about this new tool are being kept back, the police revealed some fine points of new software. The main problem about botnets is the large scale: they connect computers from all over the world and this makes it difficult to locate who is responsible for crimes done by whole network. Apparently, the tool from Microsoft is able to detect an IP address of computer which operates a zombie network.

A regular computer user might not even notice that his machine is part of criminal activity. Botnets use the infected computers for various kinds of cyber attacks; however a single computer is not responsible for being infected. The malicious network may leave compromised machine unharmed, but the whole network does a lot of damage to the victims of targeted attacks. That’s why botnets are trouble for both industry and government.

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