New variant of SpyFalcon

Yet another infamous trojan has been updated a few days ago. A new variant of SpyFalcon, the parasite that downloads and installs the same named corrupt anti-spyware program, is in the wild.

The latest version does not differ from the original. It works in exactly the same manner displaying a system tray icon that shows a fake message stating that the compromised computer is infected with dangerous spyware parasites and asking the user to download and install a removal program. Once the user clicks on that message, the trojan opens a web site distributing Spy Falcon. It may also try to download the application, change the Internet Explorer default home page and redirect the web browser to malicious web sites.

The only difference between new and old SpyFalcon variants is the files that they install and use. Deleting files of the older variant will not remove the new infection! That’s why we highly recommend using updated SpyFalcon manual removal instructions.

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