New version of Microsoft’s IM with anti-SPIM

The new Windows instant messenger program has been released to private beta-testers last week. The new version will have a new security feature – Anti-SPIM (spam over instant messages).

There has been feedback that the new feature will be annoying at best, but possibly even dangerous. The point is that hackers may and do acquire users' account details and so it seems that a legitimate member is sending the message. The spammers will then try to trick users into pressing links, which will, most commonly, install spyware or other malware without their knowledge or consent, by taking advantage of a vulnerability in the browser.

Information about the security tool Windows Live Messenger 9.0 will have is scarce, but the tendency of other IM products is making blacklists that are automatically blocked.

Liveside had published other details as well, but later deleted the post for reasons unknown. However, it is known that the messenger will allow users to be logged in from several different computers at once, a feature that was not in any of the earlier versions. Animated .gif files will be enabled in the display photo area and the user will be able to associate sounds with different actions by different people.

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