No more GAIN adware

In March, 2006, we wrote about Claria’s decision to quit adware business in next few months and switch to a new product called PersonalWeb. As it turned out, Claria really stops distributing and supporting its infamous adware. According to the official statement, the corporation “will stop displaying GAIN pop-up and other ads on July 1, 2006 and will stop supporting all GAIN Supported Software on October 1, 2006. After October 1, 2006, GAIN software may not function properly.”

Our software will continue to collect data about your web usage from your computer for research and other purposes as described in our Privacy Statement until September 30, 2006, unless you uninstall the software before this date.

If you currently have any GAIN-Supported software installed on your computer, Claria recommends uninstalling them now. Since Claria will no longer support these applications in the near future, there is the possibility that they will cease to function properly. You can continue to use these products if you choose, and will no longer receive GAIN branded pop up and pop under ads after June 30, 2006. This doesn’t mean that you won’t receive other pop up and pop under ads from other web properties ?€” you just won’t receive any from the GAIN Network.

What an interesting twist! Claria not only stops distributing its adware, but also encourages all the users to uninstall its applications. Another surprising thing is that Claria does not ask to replace its current adware with PersonalWeb or any other new product. Just uninstall adware and get rid of numerous annoying pop-ups. We must admit, we have never seen anything like this before.

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