Numbers of corrupt anti-viruses rise rapidly

PandaLabs had reported recent increase of fake antivirus applications. Frequently appearing as free downloads on the internet, these applications pass through antivirus and firewall as utilities; also they can be embedded in other type of files like music or video files downloaded by user.

When installed on the machine they invite user (who often do not recognize malware existing on his computer) to buy full version of antivirus by loading endless pop-ups that offer cleaning up system from fake virus. The rogue anti-virus in reality doesn’t do anything useful. Actually, if you buy such a software you are wasting your money for useless program and it is nothing else but a financial profit of malware. They may stop you from removing fake antiviruses by blocking regular antivirus scans. You can see example of fake antivirus here.

There are some advices recommended by us to protect your system from malware.

?€¢ Be careful with purchased or downloaded programs that you are going to install. These parasites may be included in package of program and installed without your conscious.
?€¢ Avoid opening spam e-mails, especially if they invite you to click a link to read the latest news or watch video. Spam messages work this way to install parasites; by clicking a link you allow malware enter to your system. Fake antivirus, trojans and worms spread through spam letters.
?€¢ Outdated programs are the main target of malware; keep all your software up-to-date.
?€¢ Scan your system with trusted security software regularly.

  1. Casandra says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 6:37 am

    I heard lots about fake anti-virus these days but now i am stable and happy using the COMODO anti-virus software

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