Nurech – Valentine’s day worm

Panda Software, makers of the popular Panda Antivirus, have noticed new rapidly spreading Internet worm. This parasite has already infected hundreds, if not thousands of computers around the world. And that’s less than in one day.

Nurech, that’s how the new threat is called, is a mass-mailing worm that arrives attached to bogus e-mails with variable subjects. Spoofed sender’s address always contains a woman’s name, and letter subjects can be described as closely related to the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Here are a few examples:

A Red Hot Kiss, Eternity of Your Love, Forever in Love Full Heart, I Still Love You, Our Love Will Last, Waiting for You My Perfect Love True Love

Malicious letters come with executable attachments looking as greeting cards. Once the user opens such a “card”, the worm secretly installs itself to the system and starts spreading. Then it runs a payload. Nurech terminates popular antiviruses, firewalls, some spyware removers and security-related applications.

Nurech looks like a typical worm, and it actually is. Like a lot of other threats it uses social engineering to infect its victims. Although such technique is nothing new and quite easy to avoid, parasites like Nurech are still quite successful in infecting unaware users.

If you receive Valentine’s Day letter or greeting card from someone you don’t know, please DO NOT open it! Delete it immediately regardless of how sweet it seems to be.

Nurech manual removal instructions

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