Official BMM app is finally launched. However, you may still download the FAKE version from Google Play!

One month ago 2spyware notified about the infected Blackberry Messenger’s app for Android, which was published on Google Play Store without company’s knowledge. As soon as it showed up, more than one million people downloaded this app to their devices and suffered from severe issues.

These problems had made Blackberry to postpone BMM’s release for some weeks but the most important thing is that the app is finally here. It was launched in the beginning of this week and is available in Google Play, the App Store and in some selected Samsung App Stores. During 24 hours, it got 10 million downloads and can officially be called the top app in USA, Canada, UK, Canada, Indonesia and the most of the Middle East countries.

However, it seems that you must be very careful if you are choosing Google Play for downloading this program to your device. According to Naked Security, there is still a huge possibility to download the fake BMM version, which looks almost identically to the original BMM for Android version. By the way, it may also have good ratings because of the misleading scheme, which is used for collecting them!

Please, be very careful when downloading BMM from the Play Store. In order to be sure that you are downloading a safe version, go straight to the official blackberry’s website ( and find the link leading to the right destination on the Play Store.  According to Blackberry Blog, you can also download BMM on your device by visiting from your Android or iPhone browser and installing the app from there.

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