One of the most egregious phishing examples

Did you ever heard about phishing? We are sure you did. (If not, please read this article.) You should know that phishers run fake malicious web sites, which imitate the look of legitimate banking and financial resources. Such sites are used to trick the user into providing his or her confidential information including various login names, passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, etc. Thousands of unaware Internet surfers already became the victims. However, some experienced computer users had luck avoiding phishing sites. But the latest news gives to understand that nobody can feel fully protected nowadays. SunbeltBLOG of Sunbelt Software, makers of CounterSpy, one of the most powerful anti-spyware programs, provides an excellent write-up explaining how malicious persons use spyware parasites and viral threats to trick the users of compromised computers into visiting phishing sites. Anatomy of a malicious host file hijack, that’s how the write-up is entitled, also includes the screenshots and video of a phishing site, which looks the same as a legitimate resource of the Bank of America. You must see that! The article will give you an understanding why computer parasites must be eliminated as quickly as possible. The consequences can be shocking.

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